We’ve had the honor of receiving some great feedback on Small(er) Church Youth Ministry: No Staff, No Money, No Problem. We’d love to hear from you.

Brad and Stephanie have a sweet affection for smaller churches – the churches most of us serve. But the book is more than a love letter. These pages offer practical systems, structures and vision that will help smaller congregations move from “We have these challenges, so we can’t…” to “We have these advantages, so we can…”

On a side note (this doesn’t fit into a neat, short endorsement), the thing I love about this book are the little notes that can only come from years of experience helping normal-sized churches succeed. This line is typical of what I’m talking about:

“Create a column called INCOME. If this money comes from your pocket, STOP! As long as you are funding the ministry, the congregation won’t.” Seriously, there’s a story behind that advice.
Jeff Dunn-Rankin
Family Pastor, Christ UMC, Venice, Florida
Vice President of Consulting, Ministry Architects

In my coaching work with hundreds of youth workers across the US and abroad, I’ve become convinced of this truth: the pathway to fantastic youth ministry is shorter for small(er) churches. There are many reasons for this; but the two primary reasons are that small(er) churches often have the simple multigenerational realities in place for the sort of ministry that has long-term impact on the lives of teens; and, additional resources often end up becoming a seductive distraction, creating false-positive results where resources lead to impressive mass without substantive connection and belonging. Brad and Stephanie have written a wonderfully affirming and encouraging trail guide in this book, one that can lead any small(er) church into lifelong lasting impact on the faith of teenagers.
Mark Oestreicher, Partner, The Youth Cartel
Small(er) Church Youth Ministry is a handbook for any congregation that has felt periodically paralyzed by their size, thinking, “Because we’re a small church, we can’t…” or “We just don’t have enough ______.” Brad and Stephanie have earned the wisdom they write about through their work alongside countless small congregations. This book will be a gift to today’s church.
Mark Devries,
Founder, Ministry Architects
Author of Sustainable Youth Ministry and Family-Based Youth Ministry 
Brad Fiscus understands that our young people not only are the future of the church, but are essential participants in the present as well. His book, Small(er) Church Youth Ministry, is filled with tested, practical advice that actually would benefit a church of any size that wants to bring their youth closer to Christ. 
Bishop William “Bill” McAlilly, Resident Bishop
Nashville Episcopal Area, The United Methodist Church