Welcome to Small(er) Church Ministry! This site is a result of the new book Small(er) Church SmallerChurchcoverYouth Ministry: No Staff, No Money, No Problem by Brad Fiscus and Stephanie Caro. The book was published by Youth Ministry Partners a division of Abingdon Press by the United Methodist Publishing House.  Available Here.

Across the United States, researchers have determined that 59% of churches have a worship attendance of between 7-99 people. The study further revealed that 35% of churches in the US have between 100-499 worshippers, 4% of churches see 500-999 in worship, 2% have 1000-1999 present, churches with 2,000-9,999 in attendance make up 0.4%, and the final 0.01% or 40 congregations in the United States have 10,000 or more in worship. Stat Source.

With our society’s obsession on the “bigger is better” mantra, small congregations get lost in the mix. We don’t hear the stories of the amazing ways that small congregations are living as Jesus Christ incarnate in the world, until now! 

Each week we will release new tips, ideas, and content that will help you build sustainable ministry with all ages.

We hope you will share your stories of the ways your small(er) church ministry is building disciples. We also know that sometimes there are challenges that need a team to solve, we want to be a part of your team and we hope you’ll be a part of ours.

We hope you’ll add this site to your favorite list and we’ll add you to ours!

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